Positions and Issues



We must balance our City’s need for substantial revenue streams and a diverse housing stock while maintaining our special beach community lifestyle. This requires balancing the desires of our residents with the rights of property owners. Riviera Village is a major economic engine for our City and we must improve its atmosphere, accessibility and parking and provide a walkable area serving local residents. We must work to improve the flow of traffic along PCH, PV and Prospect Blvd as well as reducing cut-through traffic in our neighborhoods.


I will treat my colleagues and constituents with respect at all times. My interaction with other Councilmembers is regulated by the Brown Act. I promise to continue attending all Council meeting fully informed, having read and researched with staff all items on each agenda. I will listen to input from the public, consultants and my colleagues and make decisions in the best interest of my district and the City at large. I will advocate passionately for improvement in my 3 areas of priority:

  1. Public Safety
  2. Public Infrastructure
  3. Quality of Life


The history of Redondo Beach is providing exceptional service to both residents and visitors. Costs for the personnel and materials to maintain our high standards will continue to increase. We must, therefore, enhance existing revenue streams and seek out new ones to meet these demands. Our challenge is to balance commercial enterprises, which generate the majority of our revenues, with residential priorities for a safe, clean and healthy community. Opportunities for success abound at the Village, the Waterfront, the Artesia corridor, the Galleria and throughout our neighborhoods. I will guide the City to achievement using balance and responsibility.


LOCAL CONTROL OF POLICE AND FIRE: We are lucky to provide the unparalleled level of community safety we now enjoy. As costs increase and escalate, we need to be able to maintain this. Ensuring that our police, fire, and other first responders have all that they need to keep us all safe. Funding for crossing guards for student safety and for overall enforcement of our laws to provide protection for pedestrians and bicyclists on our streets. Safety and security particularly for children on our streets and parks.

BRING BACK THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Neighborhood watch programs in our neighborhood create a closer sense of community and enhanced security for all of us – strengthening our sense of community

SCHOOL SAFETY: Maintain our relationship with our award winning district. Support from the city to continue what they provide, and oversee and guide programs to protect our children and families at every level.

MAINTAIN AND ATTRACT BUSINESS AND EMPLOYERS: Protect our existing businesses and their ability to continue operating in our city. Revitalize areas that may be abandoned and in need of vibrant new development. Maintain our transportation corridors: Our transportation corridors need enhancements and flow efficiency. These commuter arteries need to be safe but have to be efficient for our working families that choose to live here but drive far for work as they leave our neighborhoods.

MANAGE CITY REVENUES: We have to maintain our core services (with the escalating annual costs) by dutifully maintaining our city revenues. And increasing them as possible. Carefully and wisely investing in what is important and necessary. Guarding our public funds judiciously. Grow our local economy sensibly and ensure that the City can pay all of its bills and put away for “rainy days”

HOMELESSNESS: Managing this sensitive situation humanely and sensitively while supporting our businesses and safeguarding our residents. Safety is of utmost concern.

RESPONSIVENESS: Maintaining a high level of responsiveness as your representative and fulfilling my duty in getting the City to provide us as residents the level of service that we demand and deserve.